Why do college and university students hate writing essays?

Here’s my reasons:1. Difficulty in Organization despite being well read and knowing how to spell2. Time consuming3. BoringWhat are your reasons to hate writing college essays(If you love writing essays, don’t answer or start a flame war).

Is the production or the manufacturing of materials used for productions of Photovoltaic Cells damagning?

I’m writing an essay of the costs/benefits of solar energy, if you have any suggestions for the costs of using solar energy that would be great! Thanks for your help

What are some methods to decrease Urban Sprawl?

I have an argumentative essay to do on urban sprawl but I dont know how to start it. I am thinking of arguing how Urban sprawl is bad and ways to improve.it. However I need at least 5 sets of ideas to make body paragrphs explaining the different methods of ending it. So far my first body explains urban sprawl in Canada and the negative impact it has.

Do you think John Steinbeck is sexist?

This isn’t an essay question, I am genuinely trying to figure this one out.I know Steinbeck was raised in a sexist era, blablerbleh, but still. I think he’s pretty extreme, even for that period.I’ve only read 2 of his books (Of Mice and Men, and East of Eden, both independently), but it seems to me that either a female character is portrayed as 1) vapid/childish/petty or 2) EVIL! (see Kate as an example of EVIL)Example of the first: Curley’s wife, who was promiscuous(?), spiteful, and petty.Example of the second: Kate/Catherine?/whateverI didn’t really see any good, strong, female character, other than that one girl who was stupid enough to waste away for love (as if) in East of Eden. Oh, and I’m not a fem-Nazi. I just want to know. :)

Similar figures!?

i need help on similar figures i need to write an essay about my project my project is to find a picture of a cartoon. when i do that i need to make that picture bigger which would fit on a regular size poster board. i found the scale factor and everything.so what should i write on the essay it needs to be about similar figures i hope you could help i really need it and thanks to everybody that helps

What is the most important characteristic in a well educated person?

This is the topic I have to write in an essay but I’m not sure what to write about. Can someone give me ideas?

A2B scheme essay for university of Birmingham?

I know it’s terrible but I’ve lost the letter with the deadline and the e-mail address for where to send in the essay. I think my dads thrown it out but I don’t want to ask him in case he gets angry so can someone tell me what it is please? It’s for the psychology course and I need to send it in today or tomorrow.

Benefits, drawbacks, risks and conclusion on chlorine?

Hey guys, Would really appreciate some help on chemistry homework, I have to write an essay on the benefits, the drawbacks the risks and a conclusion about chlorine. I would really appreciate some help! Thank You

Does being a CA resident greatly improve my chances of being accepted by a UC?

i really want to go to berkeley or san diego, but i’m afraid that i wont get accepted, since so many people that i know, who had strong applications, got rejected. anyways, with a 4.4 gpa and a 4.2 gpa for my 10th/11th grade years, lots of extracurriculars, do you think my chances are good? im also really nervous about SAT’s and the admissions essay. thanks

Are the current legal principles governing omissions satisfactory?

Im writing up an A Level law essay and struggling, I’ve spoke about the types of actus reus there are including omissions and the exceptions to the rule, and I’ve included cases I’m just struggling on how to conclude it I dont know what to say.. Anyone got any advice? It’s a 50mark essay, do you reckon 3 pages is enough? :/