How to make a supporting evidence on this essay? help 10 points?

My essay is about discussing why Angus Deming wrote "The Remembered War: A Korean War Vet Offers a History Lesson'"He wrote because the truth is Korea is the "forgotten war". Americans were so sick of war by the end of World War Two that they just didn't want to deal with another. They paid little attention to the entire Korean conflict - and few other than veterans know much about it today. It was an important milestone in history, and should be remembered. So should the contributions and sacrifices of our men at arms...Could someone please do a supporting evidence for me thank you..

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  1. flflags says:

    I think you’ve answered your own question. Why does anyone write about anything. Figure out the why/what/where of what you want to know and build your case.

  2. silversmithing says:

    The supporting evidence, even though the premise isn’t necessarily true as I might discuss below, is that no 10 of your friends can name 5 battles fought there where thousands, tens of thousands of US Marines, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy rescue helicopters, ROK Army, Chinese, and North Koreans fought in mud, ice and misery and died died died.Ever heard of the Punchbowl? Chosen Reservoir? The Pusan Perimeter? Heartbreak Ridge? Pork Chop Hill? The Inchon Landing? Ask ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred Americans of any age to name two of them. Maybe someone will remember two, maybe not.I was thinking of telling you why your premise isn’t true, but I guess it ain’t worth the trouble.