What dyou think of the first half of my history essay?

Why did Henry VIII leave the Catholic Church?There are five main possibilities that suggest why Henry broke from the Catholic Church. The first possibility is religion. In the 1950’s Henry wrote a book against Martin Luthers protestant ideas and the pope gave him the title ‘defender of the faith’. It therefore seems unikely that Henry broke away from Rome for religious reasons. The second possibility was Henry’s advisors. Henry dismissed his most important advisor, Cardinal Wolsey, from power because he could not get him the annulment that he wanted so badly. Thomas More resigned because he did not agree with Henry’s demands to get an annulment with Catherine of Aragon and more power from the Catholic Church. Henry’s new advisors were Thomas Cromwell and Archbishop, Thomas Cranmer. Both of these men had sympathies with protestant ideas and they encouraged Henry to break with Rome because they agreed with Henry’s ideas to divorce Catherine of Aragon. If England was no longer Catholic, Henry could grant his own divorce rather than asking the pope for one.The third main reason that suggests why Henry may have broken from Rome was Marriage and divorce, and this in my opinion is the most important one. In 1501, Catherine was married to Prince Arthur, the eldest son of Henry VII, king of England. Arthur died shortly afterwards the marriage. Catherine stayed on in England and in June 1509 she married Arthur's brother Henry, who had recently become Henry VIII. Henry very much wanted a son to be the heir to the throne and keep the name of Tudor running. Catherine produced six children including three sons, but all of them died apart from one daughter – Mary, born in 1516. This to Henry was no good, he needed a son because in Henry’s time there were only kings and women were not allowed to rule. Henry became convinced that his marriage had been cursed by God because the Bible (Leviticus) says ‘a man who marries his brother’s wife will be childless’ and God was punishing him. Henry was now desperate for a son and heir and Catherine was too old to have any more children, Henry did have an illegitimate son called Henry Fitzroy, but because he was illegitimate he was not allowed to rule. In 1527 Henry asked the pope for an annulment to his marriage. He claimed that his marriage was cursed as it was against biblical teaching to marry a sister-in-law, although a papal dispensation had been given at the time of their wedding. Catherine refused to give in to Henry, claiming her marriage to Arthur had been unconsummated. She attracted much popular sympathy. The pope refused the annulment, unwilling to admit the papal dispensation had been wrong. Henry had also fallen passionately in love with one of the ladies who attended Queen Catherine. While Catherine was by now an ageing woman of 42, Anne Boleyn was only 26 meaning she would have a lot of time to give Henry the son and heir that he so badly wanted. please give me points on what i did well (if i did) what you thought of it and what i could improve on, bearing in mind that this is only half of the essay? thanks XD

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  1. michmas says:

    ive never studied HenryVIII but i hopefully can help with the essay structure/ content.Is it for GCSE or ALevel? either way an introduction should be added basically stating what your essay is about, what you are arguing, and introduce the main points. The start of each point here is done well- ie introducing the paragraphs topic.Your first point could use a little more information as its only really 2 sentences. Your second point needs a little more on the end stating how what you have said about Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Cranmer shows that they were an influence on why he left the church- just to round it off.Third point- well done on saying it is the most important, and what u have written is good. Just add on why this is more important than the other reasons. (was it more important to the King? did this effect the other points in some way?)