Clincher Statement?

I'm writing a persuasive essay on cliques and how they effect other kids. I need a good clincher statement.My 3 main ideas we Types of cliques,How cliques make kids feels, and how some cliques follow or try to be like others.Help please~

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  1. dreadness says:

    sorry first i have to do that essay and then i will get back whit you

  2. subcommission says:

    Walking through the narrow hallways of high school, one finds a huddled group of jocks leaned against the lockers, gawky adolencent bodies clustered together with their noses in an A.P. Calculus book, four girls exposing their belly-button peircings as they stride by the principal, and a collection of quiet teenagers hidden under all-black garments smoking cigaretts behind the school. The tendency to group off into society not only plays a key factor in today’s world, but also in our educational institutions. Cliquing ….Idk. I hope this helps.

  3. faipule says:

    i think to write about how cliques make kids kinda like in gangs and i think it is bad, so please write something about keeping your kids strong on their own and not listen to bad influences, that what i tell my kids, thank you

  4. innateness says:

    in closing, I believe that a clique robs people of individual development. Many people belonging to cliques are stripped of their individuality, and tend to act similar to other members of the clique so they “fit-in”. They also tend to be far more susceptible to peer pressure and do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do in an effort to remain part of the IN crowd. In addition, members of cliques tend to be followers rather than leaders. They do not develop leadership skills at an early age; which are important skills for success later in life.