A catchy title for my essay!?

i need some advice for my title in my essay about homeless people.homeless family, street children, and people lives in the street.thanks for help!:*

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5 Responses to “A catchy title for my essay!?”

  1. heptacolic says:

    Park bench house in the city.Because you know how homeless sleep on the benches at parks? The title makes you want to read your story.

  2. actify says:

    Life of the streets? Cheers mate

  3. tenderability says:

    The less fortunete

  4. founds says:

    Give more detail on your essay; I could give WAY better suggestions (or even put your whole essay up. I could revise also)-family without a home-home but no house-adversities of life(depends on how you define “home”

  5. benzanilide says:

    Burlap sack life, The Fixtures of the City, On Every Corner. Welcome! Mine? [external link] ;_ylt=ApMbQFrQ38teuBgo3.p6X6nsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101228230119AAPYdS6thanks so much if you check it! :)