What are some cocky or arrogant animals?

im doing an essay for my english class. im trying to describe someone as cocky and/or arrogant but in a simile. can someone give me a few lists of animals or cartoon/movie characters that where cocky? please. and thanks so much for anyone who answers(:

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5 Responses to “What are some cocky or arrogant animals?”

  1. whitefoot says:

    as proud and cocky as a rooster strutting about its yard

  2. barcarole says:

    Squirrels seem to want to annoy others or they have a sense of humor. They will sit upside down, low on a tree trunk, and when a dog charges at them they go to the other side. They will do this a number of times just to tease the dog.

  3. wiltproof says:

    Cats. Cats are total assholes

  4. MacIIsi says:

    Roosters are considered arrogant. Or often represent extravagance and pompousness.

  5. wzjbkai says:

    I agree with all of the people above me. (: Especially the guy who said squirrels.