EPQ – 5000 Word Essay?

I have a 5000 word essay to write for my Extended Project. I have my topic and I am excited to write it but I have always had a problem writing essays and obviously this is a big one to do.I was basically wanting some tips or links with examples on for me to look through before I get started. I have plenty time so it's not a rush thing I just want to get going :DAny links/tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :D

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  1. protectionate says:

    I dont have any links, and what Im stating is a pretty obvious one but Essay Outlines are the BEST way to go.Basically, write up the main points – in point form That way you can readjust where you want to put certain information, and it’s an easy way to track whether your essay flows logically. So when you gather your data, you can just copy and paste the info under the paragraph you planned to put it under (nothing gets left out and its easier to integrate all the information when writing it up)Other than that, you could google examples but honestly, essays are all the same.Start with the introduction, and in your introduction define specific terms that will be used throughou the essay.As long as you have strong justifications for your arguments, you will do great. I find that most people write essays but they simply include whatever information theyre able to find without showing an understanding, or justifying their claims.. So they might write something like, “by 18 months, a child can recognise him/herself in the mirror, and studies show this”. but then they fail to explain what implication that has…. so they could have added in the “… this could imply that the child has begun developing a sense of self….” yada yada. Those extra bits of info are what gets you the extra marks because it shows that you didnt just copy what you read, rather you understood what it meant.Good luck with it.=]`