What economic issue that is linked to wind energy could I write about for a long essay?

People are best off economically when the economy is increasingly productive -- creating greater value of output per value of input. A likely problem with wind energy is that it is less productive than fossil fuel energy. In other words, it is more costly to create and deliver 1 Kilowatt Hour of electricity with wind than with coal or natural gas plants. (Wind is free but land, windmills, and long stretches of power lines are not free.) So questions you could examine in an essay are:- What are the prevailing costs nowadays of wind vs. fossil fuels?- How much does the government have to subsidize wind in order to make it viable in the marketplace?- Is wind sufficiently reliable (often the wind is not blowing)?- How much of the generating capacity can be left to wind, considering that the wind is not always blowing?

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