Are these good evidence? or must I try a little harder?

It's for an essay, the topic is: To what extent did Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler draw inspiration from the Ancient Sparta? (relate your response to one feature of totalitarinism)I chose ideology. I've chosen two sources one of them is:"‘For it was not by imitating other states, but by devising a system utterly different from that of most others, that he [Lycurgus] made his country prosperous…he insisted on physical training for the female no less than for the male sex: moreover, he instituted races and trials of strength for women competitors as for men, believing that if both parents are strong they produce more vigorous offspring…’" (by Xenophon) and obviously I will talk about the concept of a perfect race essentially the role of the parents and how Nazi Germany was very similar with ideas of a perfect race (regarding parents). And my second one is: "Sparta breached monogamy, obviously for the sake of producing more superior children. This gives considerable support to the claim that a eugenic motive lay also behind the physical training of females." which basically corroborates my first one. So my question is, are these sources good to prove my hypothesis? (which is to a large extent Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler did draw inspiration from ancient Sparta).-Of course I will need to find another 5 more sources or so...-Thank you in advance

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  1. jetstar says: might also be worth mentioning that many current German historians partly explain the Nazi regime as a manifestation of Sonderweg – A Special Way – different to all other political systems which, for the Nazis,had failed the German people so had to be discarded for something totally new and different, much as Lycurgus decided for Sparta.