Set up an intro paragraph?

I'm wrting a 2 chunk 3 body paragraph essay on Odysseus from The Odyssey. My first 2 chunk paragraph is about his leadership qualities. 2nd is about how he is an epic hero. 3rd is how he fails as an epic hero. So how long are the intro and conclusion paragraphs supposed to be? And how do I start it off?

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  1. otodynic says:

    O that sucks! i just did mythology. r u a sophomore? anyway thesis is the LAST SENTENCE! thesis: tells the topic/point of your paper.

  2. SUB-NET says:

    Use this image as the front page of your article for extra credit. I just made it for you: [external link] …Pardon the ‘risqueness’ of the photo to the right. I jsut grabbed it and put it in. If the teacher complains, tell him/her that it’s art.LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: [external link] …”Throughout the Odysseus we see many good and bad qualities of Odysseus. Odysseus is known to be a great leader and these leadership qualities are presented in how he always looks out for his men. Although sometimes the advise he gives them is ignored and this reflects on the men’s stubbornness. This behaviour is seen before the attack of the Cicones. Odysseus takes from Troy what he needs and is eager to leave. However, his men ignore this order and stay to celebrate. This stubborn behaviour leads to the loss of 6 men from each ship. However, the loss of Odysseus’s men is very important in the Odysseys because it is important that he returns home alone.”EPIC HERO: [external link] …Entire page devoted to his epic hero status.FAILURE AS EPIC HERO: [external link] …Page 6″Odysseus’ journey is clearly symbolic of journeys humans take in life. Our personal failings, such as pride or ego, can get us lost. Until we are able to see our failing and correct it, we will continue down the wrong path. Once we understand, though, we can find our way “home.” Odysseus’ failure is that he is too clever for his own good. That makes him curious and arrogant to the detriment of those around him, and ultimately himself. It is his arrogance that causes Poseidon to turn against him and delay his return to Ithaca. When Odysseus blinds Polyphemus, Poseidon’s son, he had the chance to escape without letting Polyphemus know who hurt him. Instead, Odysseus shouts out his name, wanting people to know that he, a mere mortal, defeated the son of a god. Polyphemus cries out to his father for vengeance, and Poseidon obliges. The result is that Odysseus wanders for 10 years, leaving his wife and son vulnerable at home, and his entire crew is killed in subsequent adventures as they are trying to make their way back home. It isn’t until Odysseus learns his lesson that he makes it back to Ithaca. We see, then, that in life we must have respect for the gods, or god, and not place too much importance on our own abilities. Ultimately, we are very small in the grand scheme. We must also be careful not to let our pride get in the way of doing what’s right and protecting those who depend on us.”