What would bea good hook for Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay?

im writting bout whos responsible for the death of romeo and juliet and i picked friar laurence do anyof u know a good hook for it please help me out!

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3 Responses to “What would bea good hook for Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay?”

  1. hyaenic says:

    The death of two star-crossed lovers was caused by the one who married them. or something along those lines

  2. crax says:

    do you by any chance go to pioneer?well my teacher said that hooks aren’t good..she said that what would be best is to say something like In the tragic play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the protagonists die an untimely death all as a result of too many factors.

  3. superfusible says:

    what do you mean a good hook?do you mean explanation? well friar lawrence planned for them to get married which they did but he was then suppose to tell both families and reunite them and end the fued but he never did, so romeo was exiled and juliet took the poison that made her seem dead and romeo thinks shes dead and he kills himself. idk if that helps