Does anyone know of any good home printers that are relatively cheap to run?

I'm looking for a new printer which will mainly be used for printing articles and essays, and as it's going to be printing a lot of these I'd like one that is relatively cheap to run. It doesn't have to be good at photos, that's really not what I'm going to be using for, though I would prefer it to be colour. All ideas appreciated, thanks!

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  1. clonal says:

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  2. hagerup says:

    I agree that there are plenty of inexpensive printers out there, but the ink cartridges are especially pricey. I’d go with a Lexmark. They have a basic black & color ink printer that’ll do the job. I’d also recommend getting ink cartridge refills instead of paying for new cartridges every time. Not only is it a good way to recycle, you can usually save lots of money, especially if you’ll be using lots of black ink.

  3. periscope says:

    I would recommend spending the extra money on a solid printer that will satisfy your needs. More expansive printers are usually less maintenance .

  4. indelicateness says:


  5. flirtational says:

    Dell have a large range of printers that are cheap to buy. The refills can be bought from ebay instead of dell which saves you loads of money. I use my dell for this and i have’nt changed the cartridge in 6 months

  6. propsed says:

    Get a cheap laser printer so you don’t have to pay for ink from an ink cartridge costs for example about $2,700 per gallon at 1.4 oz for 30 dollars.

  7. arson says:

    Right now Epson is having a blowout on the 5-color R280 for $60. It even prints on DVDs. [external link] …As someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (though I rarely sold printers since I couldn’t compete with the crazy rebates) I have always recommended Epson. The print quality is excellent, even on plain paper. I have photos I printed on a 640 about ten years ago hanging in my office which still look good, though not as good as the ones from the CX8400 on glossy paper. The warranty is excellent. For a year, Epson will express-ship a replacement and pick up the old one. I had one customer who needed this. He called one afternoon and had the replacement two days later. Another client bought a Canon. It needed two repairs within a few months. Each time it was taken to the repair center, then picked up a few days later. This client runs a specialty printing business and this really hurt. They have since bought an Epson and have had no down time since.Epson has also made things easier for their customers by standardizing their cartridges. Most of their printers use one of two types. The three-color plus black use T069 (CX5000 CX6000 CX7000 CX7400 CX7450 CX8400 CX9400FAX CX9475Fax NX100 NX105 NX400 Workforce 30/40/500/600 and C120) and the 5-color plus black use T078 (R260 R280 R380 RX580 RX595 and RX680). This means you should be able to find a lot of people who use the same cartridges you do. When it’s time to replace the printer, the next model will probably also use the same ones. The biggest complaint about all inkjets is the high cost of ink cartridges. [external link] has cartridges for about $4.50 each. They also have a unique product – a two-piece cartridge where the ink is in a separate tank inside the cartridge. When the ink runs out, you replace just the ink tank and the original chip resets itself to full. By keeping the same chip, you save 1.50 per cartridge. Ink tanks are only $3 and hold 50% more ink than disposable cartridges.

  8. negotiable says:

    well all i can tell you is that i recommend you that you get an epson printer.

  9. aedicula says:

    HP Officejet k5400

  10. deceivability says:

    It’s not the price of the printer that’s the question. You can get a printer for allmost free. It’s the price of the ink that will send you to the poorhouse.

  11. expatiative says:

    ConfuciousMouse say:ConfuciousMouse and Mrs. Mouse are very very pleasedwith Canon M240 series printer they have purchased.Printer cost less than $100, and has scanner included.Prints color. Cheaper to run than anything HP make.