For those who have read The Giver – Alternative Ending.?

I've written an alternative ending to it, for an essay. Please tell my your thoughts and express your opinions honestly. Also, can you guess my age? I'll post it after the first ten answers or so. Whoever can help me improve or give tips on how to improve it will get 10pts(: [external link] …

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3 Responses to “For those who have read The Giver – Alternative Ending.?”

  1. ngan says:

    I like yours a bit better than Lois Lowery’s. I don’t like the improper grammer but I can tell it could just be a way of jabbing at the perfection of the sanctuary where Jonas was living. I like the fact that he was accepted and cared for and safe. The original ending left something to be desired for me. I would guess you are about 14 or 15.

  2. ziarat says:

    Its pretty good, but i would end it where the x’s are. Also, im going to guess 13? Just because in my area it was on like the 7th or 8th grade reading list.

  3. infrapose says:

    I loved it! Your really talented, I’d say your 15 or 16?The only thing you could really improve on is the grammar.(: