How is the play Medea more about hate than love ? :)?

Um, for my literarture class- love and hate I am writing an essay on how Medea is more about hate than love..this is what ive done so far...(just dotpoints)-Medea is a play that is more about hate than love because...- her will to get revenge on Jason overpowers her love of her children.- she killed Creon and his daughter but they were innocent (creon actually was nice to her and gave her a second chance.- Medea is more motivated by hate than love...Quotes..."you'll give me double pleasure is their death was horrible"(not only does she want to kill Creon and his daughter, but he wanted their death to be horrible!)"But my pain's a fair price, to take away your smile"(she hates Jason sooo much she'll even put herself in pain just to hurt him.if you can help me think or more dotpints, quotes, etc please HELLPP!:)

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  1. unbothering says:

    The Medea is a play about jealousy (jealousy could be argued to be a wound of love, and that wound has manifested as hatred) and vengeance, revenge is at the very heart of it.”Alas! The bride had died in horrible agony; for no sooner had she put on Medea’s gifts than a devouring poison consumed her limbs as with fire, and in his endeavor to save his daughter the old father died too.”"I do not leave my children’s bodies with thee; I take them with me that I may bury them in Hera’s precinct. And for thee, who didst me all that evil, I prophesy an evil doom.” (Medea) [external link] ‘source=…More quotes: [external link] ‘source=… [external link] … [external link] ‘source=…