Why is voting important? need help writing my essay, please?

what points can i mention? what can i say about soldiers' sacrifice? how does voting relate to controling the government's power?

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  1. spermatiophore says:

    To answer your question. Voting is NOT important. Voting works only if you take the time out to carefully review the positions that various candidate have on the issues especially how they voted on similar issues in the past. Then you vote for the person who represents your interests. Those interests should be well thought out and researched. Include how your vote will effect the broader scope of things via your candidates affiliations. I do that. But almost no one does. That makes those votes worthless and prone to manipulation. This degrades our democracy and makes it a rule by fools.The last election was a good example. The democrats gained ground for two reasons. The first is that 20% of conservatives voted for democrats (up from, ahhh, zero percent). They did this because they are pissed off at the republican party and are trying to send them a message. That message being is that they are tired of the republicans not representing their positions on a number of issues and have withdrawn their support. However, the democrats have used their new found majority to immediately work on pushing through a huge number of things that are diametrically opposed to what conservative want. That’s incredibly stupid on the part of conservative. Actually, it is irresponsible and we all pay the price for it. The second reason was people want us out of Iraq and want the US to become isolationist. They do not want the US fighting foreign wars unless absolutely necessary. SURPRISE. The first thing the dems did was propose a military draft and are talking about vastly increasing the scope of US military action overseas. The people who voted for the dems never bothered to look closely at where the people they voted for stood on the issues important to them. Now…..well, they aren’t exactly getting what they want.Ignorance and democracy are a bad combination (never forget that Hitler was VOTED into power in a german democracy that he very soon disbanded). The solution is for people to choose to become educated on 1) the issues and 2) where the candidates stand on the issues. You should know what the various positions are, the implication of those positions, especially for your personal life, and where the candidates stand.Another great example. Governor Corzine was elected awhile back in New Jersey. The people of this state are pissed because taxes have been raised through the roof. Both Corzine and his challenger promised to lower taxes. However, Cozine has a long history as a US senator and has the distinction of being the senator who voted most in recent years to raise taxes. Obviously, people did not bother to research this and voted Corzine into office. What did he do? He raised taxes. Now, everyone in the state is up in arms about it. I’m like…..duh, it’s your fault. You voted him without bothering to find out what he was all about. Now he is acting outside of your interests. It’s YOUR fault for not voting responsibly.Increasing the quantity of people who vote is not important. It is not a good thing and is probably a bad thing. What we need here is quality of voting.

  2. polykaryocyte says:

    If enough people (like a BIG group) all decided on what to vote for, it could leave a big impact on the government. Sadly, the government has to let the people vote for lack of compromising skills. The sodiers sacrifice their life (and perhaps their family’s if they die in battle) just for money. I like to call them racist, government-hired hitmen. Basically, what else do they do? Plus, some of them are just gangsters that want to know how to kill. How is that, in any way, glorious? By voting, we don’t really control the government’s power. They just get us hyped up about freedom and sh*t when all the wars are about money anyway and they can just rig the votes.But don’t take my advice, just be yourself. Support your own theories.By the way, this is all coming from a 12 year old liberal democrat…

  3. unearne says:

    Voting is an important part of being an American because it is the way to “get your voice heard”. We live in a society that allows us to decided who we think will act in the best interests of our country.Of course the people and issues that you vote on do not always end the way you would like them too, but it is a great feeling to know that you can stand up and be counted. Look at the last election as a wonderful example of the voice of Americans. Many in this country felt it was imperative to remove some of the power that President Bush feels a little overzealous to use. In being able to vote and be heard, regarding the objections of our present Commander in Chief’s behavior, the political base of this country has essentially been turned upside down from where it has stood for the last 12 years.

  4. crtscts says:

    Because if you don’t vote, you can have no valid opinion on the sorry state of affairs.