Spm English essay 2009. I’m not sure if I did a major mistake that could ruin my grade. Help!?

For my essay, I chose the question for "Write a story ended with "We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways."I ran out of ideas so I wrote about a girl who encountered her childhood imaginary friend,Jimmy in her bathroom one day. Turns out that she had some kinda mental problem and had made him up when her father left her and her mom when she was 4 years old.Her mother brought her to see a psychiatrist when she was eleven and she managed to lead a normal life till he suddenly appeared when she was 17. After that I wrote she realized it's time for her to grow up and she had no space for him in her life. The story ends with her rushing up the stairs determined to end her friendship with him with the sentence "We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways." Since I had no time, I just wrote what she said and his expression when she said that. Didnt give much description of characters though.I'm worried that the SPM examiner will refer to my idea as immature. Most people wrote about their friends. Didn't think of that... I'm also worry that it's not relevant to the last sentence. I didnt get a chance to edit my writing. Ran out of time :(

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  1. otherworldly says:

    mine was worse.i chose the same question too.i wrote about my identical twin sister who was suffering from schizophrenia and tht i was a psychologist.my essay started off with the description of how wonderful my life was and all then one day she came into my room scratched me and jumped out of the balcony.then the rest of it doesnt seem like a story cause i wrote about the main reason i wanted to be a psychologist was because i want to treat her and tht i didnt want our differences to make us go in different paths.the ending was worse!the one im more worried about is my directed writing.. >.

  2. polysiphonous says:

    hey, relax mate! your idea is very good and the story is unique too.. not many people can come up with ideas like that! if you write about friends, your story will most probably be simple and almost the same plot as everyone else! you did a good job… so stop worrying and focus on the other papers!you will definitely get marks for originality and if your writing is good, i can see A+ coming!good luck in your papers!

  3. talstra says:

    You were right :) Report Abuse