How to start my introduction for my term essay :/ 10 points!?

im writing an essay about an article in the news on a muslim family who killed their 3 daughters and explaining that THE LABELLING THEORY in criminology best explains is the first paragraph will be a summary of the article the second a summary of the theory and the third how the theory best explains the crime i have NOOOOO idea how or what should go into the introduction so if you could pleassee help em asap! please'thanks <3 [external link] … thats the article BTW jsut incase ur wondering

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  1. offffff says:

    Good, Bad, Moral, Evil, Ethical, True, Human,………. Whore! Every society has it’s own system of defining a label for it’s components. Is it ethical, is it right, it is wrong? What constitutes a crime deserving the worst punishment? Is it to ‘dishonour’ your family? Or is it to Kill them for it?…………………….Someone else on YA also seems to to be writing the same essay. Just answered a question for him/her. Maybe you can discuss with them.Edit:Oh wait, it is you. :)

  2. topdraw says:

    Your first paragraph is meant to be an “attention getter” and draw in your audience. Maybe you could include a little bit of background information and explain muslim customs or practices. You also might want to summarize (give a preview of) what the rest of the essay is going to be about.