How to write a good body Paragraph?

My essay tittle is "In ten years i see myself as a teacher"i wrote my intro, but how do i start my body paragraph?My teacher want me to write 3 body paragraph and i have no idea what to write in the body paragraph.Please show me a sample, a body paragraph about what u can see urself in ten years.Thank You.

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  1. bridling says:

    Your intro paragraph should have 3 main points which support your topic. You will need to write one body paragraph explaining each point. So, that is a total of 3 body paragraphs.I put all of my “how to” links on a web page. I will put the homepage in sources for you. There are 2 pages of links. Go to “General Essay Help” and use the first link under “How to create an essay”. It is a Wiki link and it has good example paragraphs in it.Also, go to the next page of links, “Essay links by Type” and use the third link under “Expository Essays”. It will show you how to do a 5 paragraph essay in easy to understand language. Good luck to you and do not worry. You are on the right track. You just need a little instruction and you can find it here at Yahoo answers!

  2. bfkelly says:

    what is body paragraph means?bod paragraph means the paragraph which make your essay more powerful with supporting points with it’s relevant have to first write main point of your body paragraph which one you already declare in introduction paragraph. hear i mention the structure of your body paragraph.Body paragraph structure:1. Main topic sentence2. supporting point 1 of our body paragraph example 1 of your supporting point 1 example 2 of your supporting point 13. supporting point 2 of our body paragraph example 1 of your supporting point 2 example 2 of your supporting point 24. supporting point 3 of our body paragraph example 1 of your supporting point 1 example 2 of your supporting point 25. conclusionthanks

  3. connector says:

    Go here. [external link] …Basically you state your 3 reasons in the intro paragraph. Then you explain more about each one in the 3 body parts. Go into good detail. Each reason gets its on paragraph. Then summarize everything again in different words for your conclusion. Hope that helps.