I need help with an introduction paragraph ?!?

It's a personal opinion piece on any alternative energy sources such as wind farms, solar energy etc.. in Canada. I'm having trouble with an introduction ! Can someone please help me with one?It's about weather or not these are worthwhile etc..I'm leaning towards the "yes" side, so an introduction that had to do with that will be great!Question:Do YOU think this energy initiative is worthwhile? State your feelings and opinions in a 400 world essay. Be sure to back up your opinion with facts.The most significant environmental setback that Canada will face in the near future will be the alteration away from a fossil fuel based society. To achieve this, we must make a collaborative push towards an environmentally renewable energy generation. Can you edit that and help me with the rest of that paragraph please?Thanks a lot,Laura

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    “the alteration” away from a fossil fuel not an applicable phrase – perhaps moving away movement awaytransitioning toRest of paragraph: List elements to be included in the collaboration.