Chinese speakers, What does this mean in english?

My mandarin sucks & am trying hard to improve. Found this in an essay 我没有非要他不可I can make it out to be something like "I dont have need/necessity for him cannot" which doesnt make sense. Perhaps just 我没有非要他 would suffice If the intention of the author is to mean "I dont need him"?Pls dont try and answer using those online translators. Ive tried & have found nothing helpful.

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2 Responses to “Chinese speakers, What does this mean in english?”

  1. prospering says:

    Speakers are may be an instrument or may be a person. Here Chinese Speakers means a person who presented some specific topic before his or her audience. He or she presented the topic in Chinese Language. This mean Chinese speakers.On other hand Instrumental Speakers means an electronic device that is audio instrument. It may be an innovative speakers.

  2. maybery says:

    means that the person dont have any need for him or want him