How would I describe someone running through a forest?

I'm writing a story for English essay describing a girl running through the forest away from the police but i am unsure how to start it, any help?:s thanks!

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3 Responses to “How would I describe someone running through a forest?”

  1. chembio says:

    a girl running through the forest away from the police

  2. bolshoi says:

    “Snow cascaded from the fir branches. The man forced his way through, stoodfighting for breath for a moment, and then set off across the clearing at a fast trot.Across the valley he heard the first blast on the horn.He had an hour, then, if he could trust them. He might not make it to the tower,but there were other ways out.He had plans. He could outwit them. Keep off the snow as much as you can,double back, make use of the streams . . . It was possible, it had been donebefore. He was sure of that.A few miles away sleek bodies set out through the forest. The hunt was on.”an excert from terry pratchett’s fifth elephant – just to give u an idea

  3. twattled says:

    Yep… Watch any one of the Friday the 13th movies and there ya go… There’s always gonna be that dumb girl who chooses to run through the woods instead of the house next door…