Should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense?

I am writing an argumentative essay about why drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense. I need 3 examples and facts to back them up. 1. its against the law 2. it is one of the leading causes in automobile related deaths3. ?

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7 Responses to “Should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense?”

  1. consistent says:

    It’s premeditated.>>Just my opinion but I personally feel anyone who gets drunk then gets behind the wheel of a car (or truck) should serve every single day of a 5 yr sentence. Second time it should be 10 years.Drunk driving is entirely preventable. It is dead simple. Don’t drink and drive. It is called common sense. Sad thing is drunks don’t care about themselves, much less about the general public out there. If drunks knew they would have to serve every single day of a long hard sentence ..I guarantee you a dime to a dollar you would see drunk driving all but disappearing.

  2. nauseous says:

    Absolutely not. Just because it’s against the law, doesn’t mean jail time is deserved. Teenage boy drivers are a leading cause of accidents, should they all be jailed? A one time offense does not mean a frequent offense. Also, many alcohol/drug offenders need rehab and counseling more than jail. There is a physical addiction involved in many cases. Should restitution be required? Yes. Should counseling be required? Yes. Community Service? Yes. Jail? No. It serves no purpose.

  3. egatsoh says:

    I don’t think they should be – but a reason for it would be that it would be a strong deterrent if people knew they were going to be sent to jail for just one occurrence,

  4. rebeginning says:

    I’m sure there is some statistic that X% of people who drive drunk once, do it more than once. If you can show that by “letting” them off the first time, they are more prone to do it a second time, it might make a 3rd reason.Or you could do comparison to other crimes…How often to you get “let off” for a speeding ticket? Not often. How about for shop-lifting? Or Armed Robbery? or Murder? Are those crimes on the rise or decrease. See if there is a correlation of Imprisonment on 1st offense of any crime with whether that rate of crime is increasing or decreasing.EDIT: Oh, Momosix….You failed to get the Real Point as most Liberals do….TEENAGE BOYS DRIVING are NOT Illegal….Drinking under the Influence is! Immigration is NOT Illegal…Coming to this country without a Visa is!Oh it’s not their fault. Yes, it is. We have choices….Walk across that border?….or….Don’t walk across that border? I choose walk across…Drive to the bar to drink? or stay at home and Be a Poor Addictive Personality? I choose to drive to the bar so that 3 hours later I HAVE NO choice but to drive home drunk.Bah, as long as people (about half the country, unfortunately) think like that, it’ll be accepted to drink and drive, and be on unemployment until old enough for SS and blame everyone else for every thing. Don’t hold anyone accountable for anything (except for people that are conscientious and responsible.)GRRRRr not a good way to start my day. lol Thanks for the question, Asker, sorry I got off on a side-track.Just some ideas.

  5. encase says:

    What law is it against ? as I don’t think there is any think in constitution about it.We in England are under ‘Common law’, which only says as long as you don’t hurt others, or damage others property, or are deviant in your contracts, you are a free soul under gods laws.The American Constitution was based on the British common laws.

  6. Dorical says:

    Jailed, maybe. Prison is a MINIMUM of 1 year. I consider that excessive, even though I support increased penalties.As for your ‘facts’: Being against the law is NOT a reason. By that logic, you should be imprisoned for driving 66 mph in a 65 mph zone. It IS against the law. I would like to see your evidence that it is a leading cause of automobile related deaths. I would argue inexperienced drivers (at any age, not just teens) are the leading cause of automobile related deaths.

  7. rudented says:

    They need time to dry out.