Critique my History (Cold War) essay topic?

Please critique the following research question."To What Extent Did Propaganda of Domestic Issues in the USSR Play a Role in Ending the Cold War?"I understand that perhaps the topic is too broad to cover in detail in 4000 words, and I am thinking of narrowing it down to propaganda of a specific time period or events.I am thinking of exploring the following issues:Death of Stalin (1953) [de-Stalinization by Nikita Khrushchev]Space Race (1957-1975)Khrushchev Outser (1964)Brezhnev Doctrine (1968)USSR - USA Men's Basketball Olympics (1972)USSR - Canada Summit Series (1972)Era of Stagnation (1970s-1980s)Chernobyl (1986)Gorbachev Reforms (1985-1991)Any comments on how to improve the topic?

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  1. gameval says:

    I would focus on the Breshnev era mostly. The paper will wind up being about 10 (double space). It will still be a broad topic to explore but I think that era more than any other displays the delusional nature of the party leaders in the U.S.S.R. The leadership were just living off of revenues that weren’t there, they were claiming victory in the afghan conflict although the population knew better. The economy was tanking but the leadership was voluntarily blind to it. Hell, at the end they were propping Breshnev up in his seat for the mayday parade. They needed an escalator to get him on the platform and they spent as much time wiping drool off of him as they did trying to run that disaster if a country.

  2. decumbency says:

    Very good, I think that your are on to a great topic, you might want to contrast this with Americna propaganda during the same time.

  3. sisomso says:

    Just to make it a bit more broad, you may wish to include something (or do the entire topic on) what is called “Soviet (or Socialist) Realism”. This was a style of art, architecture and literature that emphasized how great things were in the Soviet Union as propaganda for its own people at how good their life was. It made “heroes” out of the every-day tasks of the every-day man. The reality of their actual lives screamed at the concept and so it just served as a constant reminder that they were being lied to. After waiting in line after line after line for hours on end just to get the basic necessitates you certainly do not want someone to tell you how great your life is. [external link] …