What is a clever title for an essay about life and happiness?

I'm writing an essay about pursuing my happiness and I need a creative title for my essay. Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance! :)

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5 Responses to “What is a clever title for an essay about life and happiness?”

  1. gobstick says:

    S*#T HAPPENS!or Dust Yourself off……!

  2. rotarys says:


  3. horological says:

    Chasing my tail.It has to do with an old fable in which a cat approaches a kitten chasing his tail. He ask the kitten why he was so aggressively chasing his own tail. The kitten said that after studying very hard he had come to the conclusion that happiness is the greatest achievement one could strive for and that it is located in the tail and he figured that if he could just get his tail he would have a lock on happiness. The old cat watched for a while and then said that although he had not had any formal schooling that he too had come to the realization that happiness is the greatest achievement and that it is in fact located in the tail. He went on to explain that in addition to that, he found that if you remain true to yourself and go about your business, it follows you wherever you go.Good luck.

  4. coachmen says:

    Forever chasing happiness…orBehind my smile…..

  5. blancard says:

    The Pursuit Of Happiness (only joking-thats a film)