Thesis for Catcher in the Rye/Jane Eyre Essay?

Thanks for reading!So, the prompt is: Write an essay in which you analyze the impact of schooling and education has had on Holden Caulfield and Jane Eyre, and to the extent to which their own sttitude shapes their experiences of school.What would you then write about and what would your thesis be?I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of: Jane’s open-mindedness and obedient attitude made school impact her in a positive way while Holden’s dispassionate, sluggish attitude made school impact him in a negative way. I think I am not quite answering the question?Any advice? Thanks :)

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  1. elector says:

    You’re on the right track, I think. These two characters are very different: Jane is a penniless girl from a difficult background who attends a charity school. Yet she makes the most of her education and progresses as far as was possible for a girl with no family connections in her situation and time.Holden is a spoiled rich kid who attends elite private schools, but does not appreciate or benefit from his education. I think your thesis might be that the student’s attitude towards education is just as important as the quality of the schooling. You can lead a kid to school, but you can’t make him learn unless he is motivated.