Please write an essay on “no man is a judge of his own merits”?

that will be your thesis. Then you need three supports or proof that will explain HOW no man is a judge of his merits. Then you need to have a paragraph for each support and a conclusion sentence.Intro paragraph:Introduction sentence. Thesis. State three supports. Ending sentence.Body #1:Intro sentence to introduce support. Explain. Explain how it supports your thesis. Conclude sentence.Body #2:same as #1.Body #3:same as #1.Concluding paragraph:Inro sentence. Re-write the thesis. Re-write the three supports. conclusion sentence that ties and wraps everything together.

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  1. improvingly says:

    Do your own homework. This way you won’t have to ask “Do you want fries with that” for the rest of your life. Thanks!

  2. steffie says:

    Umm… you can’t make people on Yahoo answers write essays for you that I think you got assigned and you’re supposed to do yourself. Try to ask maybe what that quote means and how to start an essay, not for someone to wrte it for you.