I have to write an essay on pluralism and intigrity of india? plz help me?

Take a deep breath. Alright, since we have two topics then lets have a 4 paragraph essay (1 introduction, 1 about pluralism, 1 about intigrity, and 1 Conclusion} I think it will be best if we worked it step by step.A. Introduction Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is WHAT IS THE ESSAY about. Since your essay is on pluralism and intigrity of India. There are many types of pluralism. [external link] . I am not sure if you spelled INTIGRITY right. So please check again. Alright we're thinking of thesis statement. Will your essay be about the BAD, the GOOD, the TYPES, etc. etc. You have to choose. Now, there are MANY types of essay to choose from. If your picking TYPES, then write a process analysis essay. If your choosing the BAD, make sure you have enough information to say WHY it is bad. This goes the same thing for GOOD. If you cannot think whether to choose bad or not, CHOOSE BOTH. This will be like the pros and cons of pluralism. Make sure to STICK with the thesis statement. So, if you chose why pluralism is bad make sure you are talking about WHY it is bad.B. BodySince you have two topics we have two paragraphs. One paragraph will be about pluralism and the other on INTIGRITY. To me, I always start my paragraphs by explaining WHAT it is. So, if your going to use my way, you would see Pluralism is ~~~~~~~~~~~~. Then you start typing, "It is bad for you because ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. You do the same thing for INTIGRITY! If your talking about TYPES, then your listing. An example of a body paragraph when explaining TYPES is "Pluralism is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. There are many types of Pluralism in [COUNTRY NAME HERE] . One type of Pluralism in [COUNTRY NAME HERE] is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. This type of Pluralism is when ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`. Another type of Pluralism is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. It is when ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. C. ConclusionThe conclusion is the summary of the essay. You could say, I learned that ~~~~~~~~~~. Or you could have a quote. Or you could restate the thesis statement. Or you could restate the IMPORTANT things of the essay such as WHY pluralism is bad. If you are doing types, I would end it by "While every type of Pluralism as its UPS and down, the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ type is the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.Your bound to get an A

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