What are characteristics of an insane person?

Like how their thoughts are, how they think, and how they act. I have to write an essay on why the narrator is insane (The tell-tale heart by edgard allan poe) and i want to be able to compare him to an mental person. but throughout the whole story the narrator constantly says "im sane, im sane, im sane"thanks in advance

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4 Responses to “What are characteristics of an insane person?”

  1. mailpak says:

    look up schizophrenia…

  2. underkind says:

    There’s nothing wrong with me, with me, with me…

  3. reincarnated says:

    Insane people are according to me have mal neuro conditioning in their mind. I mean There thoughts and responses doesnot have congruency, they are always hyperactive, in their responses. thats all.Suppose I offer some food to a mad chap and instead of thanking me he may think that I may want to kill him by giving him venomous food…So whenever i will offer him food he will elicit that same response of thinking i want to kill him..its schizophrenia… bye dear :)

  4. dantesque says: