Can I still apply major in Linguistics at the University of Chicago?

The application deadline for the University of Chicago is January 3rd, 2011, but I read on the Linguistics part of the website that the some kind of application deadline was December 15th, 2010, which is tomorrow. Is it too late, or am I still allowed to major in Linguistics? If I am not, then I have wasted all my time writing essays, since I am applying tomorrow. Helps? Thanks in advanced!xD

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2 Responses to “Can I still apply major in Linguistics at the University of Chicago?”

  1. stanged says:

    Chill…Secret Tip: You can change your Major ANY time you want at UChicago (up until like the end of 3rd year I think). Its on the same student controlled website where you access your billing information, check your grades at the end of the quarter, etc. Just make sure you check with your academic advisor and the department program coordinator first to ensure you have enough time to fit all the classes in. I’m a 2nd year and I still haven’t declared a major since I don’t want my abysmal Economics gpa of 2.5 to mar my otherwise good scores for core classes/ my 2nd major. Considering that plenty of people swap majors, I see no reason why linguistics would bar you from majoring in it (remember 50% of ppl apply undeclared so they probably want a major in something too).If you want more solid information.just google “uchicago major requirements undergrad” and it should be the first link.scroll to linguistics department and email one of the people

  2. dogtrot says:

    IF you are applying today, then you are meeting the deadline. You can call up admissions and talk to them