Why should we help the planet?

I'm doing an essay on how the main concern of obama this first year should be to patch-up this environmental hole we've dug. And, like any other essay I've written I'm starting by finding my 3 main body paragraphs. The topics of those paragraphs are:I.It is a way to give to the future generationsII.it saves money-1. putting in solar panels increases your home's value2. using water bottles not only costs more, but uses more plastic3. The U.S Department of Energy believes if current buildings were green-improved, the country would use $20 billion less in energy per year.4. Green homes have better indoor air quality than other brand-new and pre owned homes, making the indoors physically healthier and more comfortable for homeownersIII. Our planet needs it!As you can see, I've already finished paragraph 2's details, but I can't seem to find details to support "Our planet needs it" or "It is a way to give to the future generations". Can anyone help me find 2 or 3 details for each? If not both, just one?Extra: What could be my thesis statement(main idea of the essay)?

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3 Responses to “Why should we help the planet?”

  1. unassuredly says:

    well it seems as though you have already found a main statement “Our planet needs it” and it could also be “it is a way to give to the future generations.”So it seems as if you’ve already stated your point but however not to be negative but you must look at all sides of the mater. There are poor in the streets who long for a home and if you were to force them to go “green” it would cut off their living supply. Also it takes money to install solar panels and this world has been around for many a year so if we were to leave it the world would not miss us the world would not care for we are not important we are small. I do however think that all of us could make a difference overall. America has set many examples lets set yet another but not by forcing people that would hurt us more and the last thing i want to see is America as a dictator ship. So if an individual makes a change we may slowly shift our ways and make the world even better.

  2. hayes says:

    By helping the planet, we are helping ourselves have a better quality of life in the longrun

  3. asomroF says:

    hey;regarding your question; it’s very simple and natural to help the planet by ourselves; we the humans who live in this planet to have a better place to live; to have a fresh air to breathe; to have a place to call our home.