Good qualities to explain my character in an essay?

I'm typing an essay to send to a school I really want to go to. What other qualities can I put down? Here's my essay so far, it needs to be 300-400 words: The [insert school name] has been a dream school for me since my brother was accepted. I believe there is great opportunity for me at this school. In response to one of your essay questions, I would have preferred if you had asked me about my character. People have always used the words creative and well-rounded to describe me. I am a hard-working person who makes an effort to achieve my goals. Peers often come to me for advice because of my ability to handle difficult situations. Recently, my parents have decided to separate and I managed to overcome this emotional challenge. I strive to see both sides of an issue, weigh the possible outcomes of any decision I might make, and form a plan.

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3 Responses to “Good qualities to explain my character in an essay?”

  1. saumyen says:

    Your essay so far is not very specific. I would start out by saying why you want to attend the school (strong history, opportunity to participate in athletics, excellent academics, etc). It always means more when you use specifics. If the essay does not ask about your character (“I would have preferred if you had asked me about my character…”) why are you writing an essay about your character? You might want to make sure that you are meeting the expectations of the essay – if not, Admissions might not even read it.If you do choose to submit an essay about your character, I would try to use specifics there, too. Maybe you have a great desire to help people and you have volunteered at a local shelter, for example.

  2. flossy says:

    well, first off I’d like to tell you that I’m here for your support with the parental issues. My parents were divorced when i was 2 years old so if you have any questions about it i can garuntee you I’ve been through it all ;) . To answer your question about the essay I would tell them about your academical strengths. If you’re a very strong math student go ahead and let them know! Don’t be afraid to gloat your excellence! If your strong in lets say language arts, tell them! give them some examples of your past works and how you did. So good luck on getting in! always here, Sparky

  3. communitive says:

    hi there. your essay sounds good so far. what if you took a couple of those characteristics and gave a real life example of how you showed this character trait? people love examples and that gives a bit of a personal look at you as well. it might help your readers to feel more connected to you and be more likely to choose you. hope it works out for you.