What was life like for women in america during the 1930s?

I am studying "Of Mice and Men" in English, and I am writing an essay on Curley's wife and her character development. I need to know as much as possible about what life was like for women in the 1930s.

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  1. smallpox says:

    The Depression did little to alter the role of women in the American workplace. According to the 1930 census almost eleven million women, or 24.3 percent of all women in the country, were gainfully employed. Three out of every ten of these working women were in domestic or personal service. Of professional women three-quarters were schoolteachers or nurses. The 1940 census did not post dramatic changes in the numbers of working women: thirteen million women, or 25.4 percent of all women over the age of fourteen, worked. The greatest numbers of women continued to work in domestic service, with clerical workers just behind.

  2. putts says:

    Women in the 1930s favored modesty over rebellion. Also visit sparknotes.com for a character analysis and summary. Type in the title in the search box.