Hey, College Personal Essay Help!?

Yeah, so I am Planning on to making my Essay stick out. I mean I want it to sound interesting and not insipid.Well, I know that we should try to figure a topic first so we can write about it. But for me, my mom's depression has been a big thing in my life. Both my parents, have fought a lot against each other and have hated each other so much. But, for me, I have become a stronger person through all this. I did go through a lot, and all that has actually helped me to realize. It has made me think. It has made me into a wiser person. Well, can anyone please give me a head start on how I should start my essay and how should I convey through. I really need some help. Can someone also please give me some ideas arbitrarily, about what I can write, but related to my mom's depression and my parents. I plan to stick to this topic since, I think I can write enough about it. Do you guys think this kind of a topic would actually be very depressing for the colleges to read?...Or, change it? Thanks

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  1. costas-d says:

    um u can try it may sound like a sad sob story and ur tryna suck up 2 them but ya its good they may see it different