Match each essay summary with the most likely organizational structure.Organizational Structures:ExemplificationPro-conNarrationDescriptionProcedural analysisCause-effectComparison-ContrastArgumentationEvaluationClassificationDefinitionEssay Summaries:A) The text discusses different teaching styles.B) The text discusses how raising children to appreciate music is crucial.C) The text discusses the narrator's first house.D) The text discusses a treasured adolescent adventure.E) The text discusses a town's decision to put in a highway or not.F) The text advises readers not to waste money seeing a particular movie.G) The text discusses the author's job qualifications.H) The text discusses reasons for bullying and what bullying does to the bully.I) The text discusses what childhood means.J) The text discusses the steps in playing a game.K) The text discusses two career paths for someone with the same degree.

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    A.pro conB arguementationCdescriptionD narrationEpro conFevaluationGevaluationH cause effectI definitionJprocedural analysisKcomparison /contrast