What is wrong with me psychologically?

I hate my dad so much i wouldnt care if he died. And i hate my mother and my sister for having a bond that i can never be a part of. I hate everyone else in my family because they're stupid and superficial. I hate the carelessness and the selfishness in people so much and i cant get over it. I hate the way the world works. I hate that i study for hours on end to be in the top percent of my class and i hate that i write two essays a week. I hate to think the last things i do before i die is write an essay or wallow in all of my hate for this world. I love nature and if i have time i go on meditational walks for hours. I do yoga and bond with my pets.. But nothing can help me stop feeling so frusterated and trapped. I dont know whats wrong with me or what i should do

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2 Responses to “What is wrong with me psychologically?”

  1. Dualmutef says:

    Maybe you don’t hate them but the way they act

  2. citynet says:

    you should think about getting a therapist. there isn’t anything wrong with you. You have alot of inner frustration and having someone, a nonjudgemental party, to vent to, could really help you. It also could relieve alot of stress that may come with school or family