Is it okay to do this in a five-paragraph essay?

There are three things I want to talk about in my last body paragraph, so it's like this...~TITLE~*indent* Introduction: I talk about the concept of redemption.*double space* *indent* First body paragraph: "In Bullet in the Brain(that's a short story I'm discussing), Anders is redeemed from..." and I talk about how he's redeemed.*double space**indent* Second body paragraph: " When Ann is in an unstable state after her son, Scotty, dies in A Small, Good Thing(another short story), the baker mends her pain by..." and I talk about how she's redeemed.*double space**indent* Third body paragraph: "Doree is redeemed three times in dimensions"*indent* i talk about the first time she's redeemed*indent* i talk about the second time*indent* i talk about the third*indent* "so in all..."*double space**indent* ConclusionSo basically, I want to have three little paragraphs inside one topic paragraph, if that makes sense.Would that be okay? Or would it not be a five-paragraph essay then?

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  1. patamars says:

    Essentially, no, it would not be a five paragraph essay if you added in those extra paragraphs. If I were you, I would try to summarize those paragraphs so you can fit the three times Doree is redeemed into one paragraph. But you should ask your teacher if its okay to do have those extra paragraphs because some are okay with it. If I were you, I would try to condense my thoughts into a more clear and concise and shorter idea so that it fits into one paragraph.The best and most effective paragraphs are the ones that aren’t too wordy or ‘fluffy’ as they call it – meaning, don’t add in a bunch of words and descriptions that the essay doesn’t necessarily need.Its a little hard for me to judge since I don’t know what grade you’re in or what you’re writing about or anything.