What is a good counter argument for using cell phones while driving?

i am writing a persuasive essay and i am against using cell phones while driving and i need some help on counter arguments...

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3 Responses to “What is a good counter argument for using cell phones while driving?”

  1. pipe says:

    emergency calls… like when 9/11 occured people needed to use their phones while driving.

  2. vacation says:

    I can get a lot of work done while talking and driving; time that would otherwise be spent listening to the radio and being distracted by that

  3. balkars says:

    1.Cell phone usage is exploding onto our culture – people need warned of the dangers.2.Insurance rates are skyrocketing due to drivers using cell phones while driving.3.The interstate highway system readily connects the drivers of multiple states and a uniform policy across state borders is not currently used. 4.Even when an emergency truly exists while driving, it would be prudent and possible to call 911 after pulling off the road and not create an additional hazard. There is never a need to use a cell phone while driving.5.Cell phones are as potentially as dangerous as a rifle and although it is perfectly legal to own both, government regulations regarding when, where, and how to use each is necessary to protect our society.now some counter arguments could be that we live in america and its a free country we should be able to talk on a cell phone if we want to :) …. couldnt think of many counter arguments but hopefully these points can help you out :)