Need help starting an essay about self discovery?

"Life is a lesson in discovery and literature provides us with a vehicle to explore life's experiences"That's my topic sentence thing.I have to write about Robert Frost's poems : Stopping By The Woods and The Road Not Taken, and then a text of my choosing. I have all my texts deconstructed i just really need help starting it.I cannot start essays well and it's crucial for me to get the introduction right or I won't get a good mark.Can someone help me out a tiny bit'?

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  1. blitzkrieging says:

    Ok, I have no idea of your grade level here…sorry….I am guessing college…First, have some confidence, you write well. This having been said, it is not clear to me if you are looking for a topic sentence, or you are writing a thesis, they are two very different things. If you are setting out to prove something, with evidence from the works of Frost, this would be a thesis, and only you know what you want to prove, so, I would need this to help with your thesis.I do not know if your topic sentence (above) is yours, or your teacher’ any event, it is most definitely a THESIS statement. If it read “I believe that life is a lesson in discovery…” this would be a topic sentence, as there would be no facts, just your persuasive argument. Make sense?If this makes no sense, I am a very bad teacher!But this assignment on Frost, “…miles to go before we sleep….” as well as “and it has made all of the difference in the world….” great teacher, Great. What you learn during this assignment will stay with you forever.

  2. airer says:

    First off, I love your thesis statement. I might change “is” to “gives everyone”.Of course, you’d have to use your own words, but my thoughts lean toward: Observing one’s own behavior is difficult at best. Placing our beliefs and actions against a backdrop which includes many others is nearly impossible because of our basically limited access to the ideas and behaviors of others. However, literature provides us with a vehicle to explore life’s experiences.I hope I got your creative juices to flow.Good luck.

  3. baconer says:

    Begin the essay by introducing what you are going to be talking about and why it is important. Your thesis statement is “Life is a lesson in discovery and literature provides us with a vehicle to explore life’s experiences”so try something like tthis:say what the essay will talk about:’This essay will discuss the writings of Robert Frost, (and whoever else) and the potential influence literature has on how a person views themselves. (make a statement here about why this might be important) Make a statement that basically says the same thing as your thesis statement, but expand it a a little bit.Then say what you are trying to show and how you will prove your thesis statement:This essay will show that literature assists us in exploring ourselves by doing abc …..(i dont know your topic well so you will have to fill in the blanks yourself)the final part of your intro should give a quick outline of the remainder of the essay:eg: The essay will begin by discussing and comparing the works of blah blah blah, it will look at the influences of other media on ……. It will also examine …… and how that has motivated people in history to blah blahblah.It is really important that you write the intro in your own words though, any good teacher will spot even part of an essay written by someone else a mile away. everyone has a different writing style.