Life on the color line homework help!?

1. Billy’s father says they can’t stay with Grandpa and Grandma Cook because— (1 point)he had an argument with them.they are not going to Muncie.he and Billy’s mother are getting a divorce.Grandma and Grandpa Cook have moved.2. Billy’s father tells the boys that Miss Sallie is— (1 point)going to start working at the tavern again.waiting for them in Muncie.a Neg-ro.their grandmother.3. Billy’s mother always told him to be proud of— (1 point)his Italian heritage.his father.the color of his skin.Miss Sallie.Answer the following questions about the essay "Familiar Strangers."4. According to Suárez, most Americans associate the arrival of Spanish-speaking immigrants with (1 point)neighborhood decay.a change of values in the country.a decline in the quality of education.a loss of jobs.5. Those who support Spanish-speaking immigrants claim that these immigrants (1 point)will learn English by the second generation.should be allowed to take English classes at the government’s not need to know English to survive.are learning English as quickly as immigrants did in the past.Answer the following questions about the essay "Melting Pot."6. The author states that in her neighborhood, people get along on a micro level, meaning they (1 point)get along only with those who are like them.don’t get along with anyone.get along on a one-on-one basis.can accept groups but not individuals.7. The old Italians in the author’s neighborhood think the Hispanics should (1 point)return to their homeland.learn English.teach their children Spanish.find another neighborhood.8. Choose the progressive or emphatic verb tense that is used in the sentence below.Ms. Palmer has been organizing the class schedules for us. (1 point)present perfect progressivepast progressivepresent progressivenone of the above

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  1. peckishness says:

    1.) C2.) D3.) A4.) A5.) D6.) C7.) B8.) A9.) gone10.) went

  2. jaclyn says: