Which of the fallowing appeals could be considered unprofessional?

A. logosB.ethosC.PathosD.imageE.ethic 2. Which of the fallowing is an emotional appealA. logosB EthosC. pathosD image ethics3. The best speakers present sound logic, well-constructed emotional appeals and focus heavily on _____.A.non-verbal cuesB.verbal cuesC.ethosD.appearanceE.schoolwork4. What is the best way to keep your audience engaged?A.eye contactB.smilingC.explaining how your proposal will cost them less than it will benefit themD.explaining how your proposal will benefit them less than it will cost themE.explaining how your proposal meets some of your needs or goals5. What is the best course of action to follow should you lose your train of thought during your speech?A.Quietly glance at your notes to find your place.B.Continue to speak, even though you are rambling.C.Hope no one will notice and move on to talk about something completely unrelated.D.Ask if anyone in the audience has questions.E.Ask the audience to give you a second to regain your composure.6. Using contractions and slang is acceptable in a number of business settings. Typically, it is preferred when you know the party you are contacting very well.A. TrueB. False7. Rhetoric has no place in the business world.A. TrueB. False8. It is always wise to illustrate how your proposal will benefit your audience more than it will cost.A.TrueB. false9. our donation would help us to give Caring for Kids a larger part of our profit, which is great because three-quarters of their funds come from private donations.A. an interview with a student in the club that is asking for donationsB. the Caring for Kids brochureC. a comparison of the amount of profits that the club will make without the donation and the amount they'll make with the donationD. both b and cE. a along with cF. none of the above10. he cost of sponsoring our uniforms for the bike race is much less than a radio ad campaign, and you will reach just as many people.A. a price-list for sponsoring the uniformsB. a newspaper article exploring alternatives to radio and television advertisingC. a proposal from a local radio station detailing a popular ad planD. a website that promotes using fund-raisers as team-building activities for clubs and teamsE. both choice 1 and choice 3F. both choice 2 and 311. Which of the following is most appropriate for use in a business letter proposal?A. The fund-raising club has organized over fifty successful fund-raising events for various non-profits; we are responsible, trustworthy, and will handle your event with care.B. A radio-ad campaign at the local radio station will cost approximately $500; you can reach the same number of people by placing your name on our uniforms. This will cost you only $300.C. If you wish you improve your own image in the community, you ought to consider supporting our cause. People are more likely to respect a business that gives back.D. A and b are both appropriate.E. C is in not appropriate because it is a logical appeal.12. Which of the following is not required of a thesis?A. summarizing an argument to be defended throughout the essayB. making claims or assertions to be supported throughout the essayC. being positioned at the end of the introduction so that the reader knows what to expectD. stating a position that is controversial or requiring proof13. A thesis statement is to a reader as _______ is to _________, it lets her know where the writer will take her.A. car is to driverB. roadmap is to passengerC. student is to study guideD. none of the above14. Each main idea in a paragraph should be supported by ____ pieces of proof or evidence.A. twoB. fourC. threeD. oneE. none of the above15. Which of the following does a business setting call for?A. formal languageB. avoiding slangC. a detached toneD. professionalismE. all of theseF. all of these except C16. Which of the following is the appropriate way to note the topic sentence of a paragraph on an outline?A. 2. Your name on the team’s uniforms will benefit your business.B. C. Your name on the team’s uniforms will benefit your business.C. III. Your name on the team’s uniforms will benefit your business.D. I. Topic SentenceE. 1. Support for Topic Sentence F. none of the above17. The "three" in The Rule of Three refers to which of the following?A. number of paragraphs in an essayB. number of pieces of supporting evidence required for each pointC. number of counterarguments required per essayD. none of the aboveI NEED AN 80% OR HIGHER TO PASS THE UNIT! HELP!

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    here are the answers:1. C2. B3. B4. A5. A6. FALSE7. FALSE8. TRUE9.C10. B11. E12. B13. B14. E15. D16. D17. D

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    NOTE: no one else use this. I tried it, and the score was 36%. Just over 1/3 are correct. Report Abuse