Topic for a personal essay?

I am supposed to write a personal essay for an English Honors Class. It is centered on a belief statement such as miracles do happen, love conquers all, and words hurt. I am looking for a topic to write mine on. Answers are appreciated!

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  1. outplayed says:

    Well gosh I would think it would have to be on what interests you the most out of those choices. For example if you believe miracles do happen then you could choose a story about say a medical miracle. Someone who had no hope of surviving a disease or sickness suddenly gets well! Or if you like the slogan “love conquers all” then do an essay about a situation where that applies. IOW find a love story to use as an example like say some real life famous love story in history where 2 people who loved each and sacrificed a lot to be together. Like Prince Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson. Edward abdicated his throne so he could marry Wallace. Or John of Guant (the 1st Duke of Lancaster) and Katherine Swynford – the great grandparents of King Henry V. They sacrificed by being apart for many years and finally in their 50′s they were able to marry and legitimize their grown children. They both went through a lot of tough times but in the end their love conquered all for these couples so you could write about that.Lastly a good topic for “words hurt” is cyber bullying. Its an intriguing subject that pulls the heartstrings..