What would be a counter argument to cell phones are expensive?

I need a way to counter that in my persuasive essay.If it helps my essays about how middle schoolers to seniors should have a cell phone.

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2 Responses to “What would be a counter argument to cell phones are expensive?”

  1. endress says:

    Middle school kids should probably NOT have cell phones, however a good argument may be cell phones are not expensive?

  2. outkick says:

    Cell phones and plans are better then they have ever been..you can save big bucks by adding people to your plan…as in having 5 phones for the price of 2..you can save money by not using a laptop and wifi as often because you don’t need it if you have a smart phone. Some companies like Google pair up with phone providers like verizone and make it to where you can have free texting and free calls, email…etc. you can save money by calling or texting someone…instead of driving all the way there to Pick them up, and realizing they already left…it saves gas, economy, and mist valuable to me these days…TIME! hope that helps.