Examples of Revenge In Macbeth?

I have to write an essay for english and i have to give examples of Revenge in Macbeth. PLEASE HELP! I have to turn it in tomorrow!

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    Hello… Macbeth sends two murderers to kill Banquo, for he fears that thewitches prophecies about Banquo will come true too. Macbeth is scared andconfused at the second Banquet celebrating the coronation, for he sees theghost of Banquo sitting in his seat, everyone thinks he is mad, though LadyMacbeth saves her husband from revealing her guilt to the guests. Macbeth goes and visits the witches again asking for another prophecyand they tell him three things. (1) to beware Macduff, (2) not to fear any manborn of women, (3) that he will not die unless Birnam Wood moves towardsDunsaine Castle. Macbeth is later informed that Macduff has gone to England, sohe then plans to kill all of Macduff’s family. Macduffs family are murdered,Macduff hears of the terrible news and plans revenge… You can get more info here: