What should I do for my Senior project if my topic is Photography?

I have to do fieldwork of 20 hours, and have a "Mentor" someone who will guide me in my project. write an essay about what I learned, make a physical product and do a 6min+ presentation.. I pic a topic then a project that has to be related to my career. for example, they said someone did"publishing" as a topic, they could publish a cookbook. What could I do for photography? it has to be a "learning stretch".. i am having difficulty with this, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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2 Responses to “What should I do for my Senior project if my topic is Photography?”

  1. iodate says:

    Ok, is this a trick question? I hope you are a senior in high school and are a real beginner in photography. I find it hard to believe that someone would make it to their senior year in college and had several years of photography classes without finding an area of photographic passion.

  2. dithematic says:

    Give me strength !