Help? I need a topic for my essay?

I'm not asking anyone to write my essay for me but I'm seriously burned out on writing argument essays and can't think of a good topic I want to write about. So can anyone just give me some ideas about what would be a good argument essay? I can't do abortion, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, gun control, anything about marijuana and or steroids. I don't want to do euthanasia because that topic is strung out, and I can't do anything that has to do with "God." Can you see why this is a problem?

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  1. nookwun says:

    Just think about something you’re passionate about. Something you have strong views on so that writing it is easy.You could do an essay on:Testing on AnimalsPunishment For A Certain CrimeWays To Handle TerrosismMorman ReligionParents Ways Of PunishmentCreationism v.s. EvolutionCuring Aging, the benefits and negativesDefending or Opposing Incest laws regarding consenting adultsArguing about Prophet Mohammed’s sexual relationship with a 9 year old.Labelling two consenting sixteen year olds as sex offenders and sending them to jail for having love with each other. and the attempts to pass such laws.Making virtual or drawn pornography illegal.Similar to abortion argue about the Death penalty

  2. FR-IHES says:

    Maybe you can write about:1.) whether you agree or disagree with American’s decision to invade Iraq.2.) whether you think unions help or hurt America.3.) whether you agree with gun control or not.I hope this helps!

  3. paraglossate says:

    You could write about whether or not a jury in a major case can be exposed to media coverage of the trial and whether the media should be allowed in trials. What I mean is, when a jury is sequestered, their cell phones are taken away and they are put into hotel rooms without television. This is because the court system and sanctity of trial depend on the judge being in control of what facts can be presented to the court — the media may have incorrect information or may be biased. However, some people think that the jury should be entitled to do their own research in order to get a fuller perspective on the trial.

  4. nobleheartedly says:

    Uhhmmm a good topic would be about aliens or life on other planets, because no one knows for sure if they exist or not. I’m burned out also . Lol.