To write an effective ending to your essay, you should?

To write an effective ending to your essay, you should A. relate a humorous anecdote. B. ask the reader to take some kind of action. C. write out a formal summary of your overall message. D. end on a note that's likely to stick in the reader's mind

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3 Responses to “To write an effective ending to your essay, you should?”

  1. fistulous says:

    either C or D. I have used both in my essays, and both worked just fine, just if you use D make sure you still summarize with it.

  2. sarcocystidean says:

    C because the solutions will be provided to the reader in the previous lines and it will be most effective if u reiterate these points in the reader’s mind instead of trying to start a new impressive yet incomplete message or statement. of course ur last slogan or statement should be catchy and thought provoking but the main conclusion should be a summary

  3. ascyrum says:

    I’d rather do the letter D. In writing an end to an essay, you must write a very catchy sentences or words that people would always remember when they read your essay.