Please somone help me with my romeo and juliet essay?

1. Describe how Juliet's mother behaves when she comes to inform Juliet about the arrangement her father made to have her marry Paris. How does Juliet's mother's behavior when Capulet gets angry at Juliet influence the way in which readers view Lady Capulet?

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  1. entifical says:

    she’s rigid and tells her. When Juliet cries and says no, she gets mad. When Lord Capulet become angry with Juliet for not wanting to marry, Lady Capulet won’t help her. When I saw and read this, I wasn’t that surprised, because in the beginning she was not very close to her daughter. But it made my opinion of Lady Capulet even more mean looking.

  2. sergei says:

    she said, no way is she marrying Paris Hilton, she’s not my type, then her mom said, yes you are, and she said, no way, then her mom said, yes you are, then she said, no way ..Lady Capulet discusses the idea of marriage to the young Paris with Juliet. Juliet keeps her options open. The Nurse wishes Juliet every possible happiness…Lady Capulet calls for her daughter Juliet. Lady Capulet asks Juliet’s nurse to leave them to discuss matters in private. The Nurse recalls her fond memories of Juliet as a child (Lines 16-54). The Nurse recalls that once when her husband crassly asked if Juliet would “fall backward” (lie on her back, a crude reference to intercourse), when she had more wit or was older (Line 42) Juliet replied “‘Ay’” (yes), (Lines 48-57).Now alone with her daughter, Lady Capulet discusses the idea of marriage and specifically with the young Paris.Juliet will consider it, “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move; / But no more deep will I endart mine eye / Than your consent gives strength to make it fly” by which Juliet means she will consider it if she likes Paris but ultimately will only marry him if her family approves or gives her the strength to make this idea fly (Lines 97-102).A Servant arrives, requiring Lady Capulet’s attention for the upcoming party.The Nurse now famously wishes her young charge (Juliet) well, saying, “Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days” (go girl, seek happy nights to follow happy days / be happy), (Line 106).