Can I miss walking my dog?

I usually giev my dog 1-2 good walks a day but I don't feel very well today and also have an essay deadline tomorrow so am trying to finish that off too. Is it cruel to leave him without a walk for a day?He is a greyhound/lab/staffie X and sleeps when he's not outside but when he is outside he loves to run? I feel mean but feel so ill I can't move! And nobody is around to walk him til later

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10 Responses to “Can I miss walking my dog?”

  1. pyrrols says:

    it’s recommended that you give it a walk everyday, but ur sick, so id say its not cruel to leave him/her without a walk, because its not intentionaly and its not going to do him/her any harm its not cruel, if he is not hyper-active in the home like u said he sleeps, then 1 day won’t do any harm, but u could bring him out for like 5 min to do his “bussiness” because that won’t kill u but otherwise he will be okay without a walk for 1 or 2 days, if he’s hyper and starts running laps around the yard or something being hyper indoor then he usualy is then he should get a walk but otherwise a day is fine

  2. phytographist says:

    Maybe let him out in the backyard for a little bit so he can play a little. It won’t hurt for him to miss one day. He might just have a little more energy in the house. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. chylothorax says:

    its fine. if you have a fenced back yard let him go there and walk him extra when you feel better

  4. alouatta says:

    don’t beat yourself up – it’s ok. nobody is perfect! if you’re sick, staying in bed and resting will be better in the long run.

  5. stubbleberry says:

    he should be fine without one walk and with teh flu and all going around 1 missed walk is better than you overdoing and ending up in the hospital with even less walks

  6. jmdninn says:

    If you are ill, don’t go. He’ll probably miss his regular walk because dogs are creatures of habit, but missing one day’s walking won’t kill him. If he gets out later on fine – as long as he has access to the outside to do his biz. otherwise, during the day.Hope you feel better!

  7. Megalichthyidae says:

    It really depends on him and you.If you really, truly feel that terrible, you most definitely owe it to yourself. Why go and make yourself feel worse? If you stay inside, you might actually feel better tomorrow and be able to give him a longer walk than usual to make up for the missed day.Can he handle missing a day? Can you just put him into the backyard to run it off? My puppy can handle missing weeks at a time. I get sick fairly often and I’m sick again right now. GSD/Alaskan Malamute, 10 months. She hasn’t gotten walked since Monday and is taking it very well – sleeping on my bed all day. She enjoys sleeping as much as she enjoys walking. She’s very versatile. I just make sure I let her off leash so she can seriously run it off, when I do take her for walks.My dog, on the other hand… he is 11 years old. German/Belgian Shepherd. He needs at least a walk around the block every day to be happy, and is currently NOT happy with me. While he is capable of living without a daily walk, he does very much prefer it. He gets very talkative if he doesn’t get walked. I’m starting to think he was at least raised with a Husky, because you can seriously have a conversation with him.. or maybe I’m losing my mind.Anyway. It does really just depend on you and your dog. Try and work something out with him, or get somebody else to walk him. Bribe a friend if you really have to.

  8. datapro says:

    No it won’t hurt. Just don’t do it all the time and still find a way to exercise him like fetch or a peanut better stuffed kong

  9. mishaps says:

    its fine as long as he gets that walk later and just make that walk a little bit longer

  10. deemstership says:

    He will be fine without a walk today. Get some rest and take care of yourself so you are able to take care of him. It’s ok.