Please answer this multiple choice questions! Help! ASAP!?

Answer these multiple choice questions. For each situation identify which type of organization would be the best. 1. An article about last night’s football gamea. Compare/Contrastb. Problem/Solutionc. Cause/Effectd. Chronological 2. An essay talking about the reasons that led up to the American Civil War and what happened as a resulta. Compare/Contrastb. Problem/Solutionc. Cause/Effectd. Chronological 3. A history project comparing Australia’s economy to Canada’s economya. Compare/Contrastb. Problem/Solutionc. Cause/Effectd. Chronological 4. A memo explaining the reason a new training facility was built a. Compare/Contrastb. Problem/Solutionc. Cause/Effectd. Chronological Thanks! Please help me !

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  1. jargonesque says:

    1: D2: C3: A4: B

  2. instman says:

    1. D2. C3. A4. BPretty sure these are right. I double checked each for you.

  3. lankiest says:

    1.d2.c.3. a4. b

  4. foxier says:


  5. quelling says:

    1. i would say d though im not so sure!2. c3. a4. i would say is bi hope this helps