Romeo and Juliet?

i am having to do a Persuasive Essay on Romeo and Juliet... There were three topics to choose on which to persuade... The essay is in a letter style . The Topic was .... i had to take the role of romeo and write a letter to juliet explaining the death of tybalt to her ..... im kind of trying to persuade her to understand the situation and that i didnt mean or want to kill him... so give me some reasons and details to include in my essay

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  1. wonderer says:

    Romeo’s an impulsive guy. He just acted from his gut, without thinking. Kind of like when he “falls head over heels” for Juliet after just meeting her. He really meant to break up the fight. It was Tybalt’s fault. He killed Mercutio first.

  2. nonvortically says:

    Include about mercuito’s death. that he was full of anger, passion and greif for his friend mercutio. thats his love for juliet was strong but the excessive hatred to tybalt took over. something like that :) x

  3. dadurch says:

    Juliet-Baby – Sorry I ran your beloved cousin though the chest with my sword.He attacked me first and you gotta admit he was kinda arrogant with that whole “Prine of Cats” BSSo , sorry about that… Gotta go! The Princes men are on my tail for murder!Love -RomeoXOXOXOX

  4. vaid says:

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  5. outblushing says:

    Mention that he started it by killing Mercucio and you tried to keep the peace.